Wednesday, June 4, 2008

10 Years

That's how long we've been at Riverside Community Church! It's hard to believe that at 26 and 23 Amie and I packed up everything we owned to move out to Oakmont, PA so I could be the Associate Pastor. And it's even more amazing that we're still here a decade later.

This past Sunday I was completely surprised when our Student Ministries Pastor (Donnie Marsh) show up at the Mills theater where we hold our services weekly to present me with a certificate for us to go to the Cincinnati ATP Masters Tournament in July. In other words, I'll be going to a professional tennis tournament for the first time in my life! This has been a dream of mine for over 20 years so I'm as excited as I can get!

In addition, an amazing video (fantastic job Chad!) was shown that encompassed my love for Star Wars and had people describing me as an excellent, sweaty, anal, organized leader who has compassion for people. Quite overwhelming to say the least! I'm still processing all that was done and said. And if that weren't enough ...

On Sunday night they surprised me with a party where 65 of my closest friends and family showed up to celebrate with us this milestone in our ministry. Several of those who know me best spoke and shared memories and stories of things we'd been through together. It was hilarious to reflect back on some of the crazy stuff that has gone on.

At one point my parents spoke which was probably the best moment of my life to this point personally. Their love and support have meant more to me than I can possibly express and I'm still trying to digest all they said and the moments we shared together. If you ask me, God broke the mold after He made my parents. They are the best!

This entire experience was led by Bill Ellis and Donnie and Laurie Lesoon. I know they worked tirelessly to make it especially memorable and it certainly will be. Chad Zollo put in countless hours on the video and the Section Leaders (Shawn, Heather, Bob, Joe, Jill & Mark) gave of themselves so generously too. I'll never be able to adequately thank all who participated but I know that my love for them has increased beyond what I thought was possible.

All of this has been incredibly humbling and I'm so blessed by the family and friends God has given me at RCC. Thanks for allowing us to be on the journey with you!

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Kent said...

To hear so many people talk about the impact you have had in their lives was very moving. Even though I have only been a member of RCC for a short time, I feel very lucky to have found this church and to see the ways RCC is making a difference. Small Group ministry is changing lives and you have a big part in the success. Keep up the good work.