Friday, August 6, 2010

5 R's For Resisting Temptation

At the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit this week I heard Pastor Adam Hamilton do a talk on "When Leaders Fall." In it he shared the following principles that focus on how to resist temptation. I pray they're a blessing ...

Remember who you are. You are a child of Jesus Christ. Is the sin you're considering consistent with who you are?

Realize the consequences of your action. Pause long enough to think. How will I feel afterwards, ashamed or proud? Will I feel more human or less human? Closer to God or farther away?

Remove yourself from the situation. Avoid situations that are going to cause you to be tempted.

Rededicate yourself to God in prayer - whisper a prayer to God for strength. Don’t do it in your own strength. Stop and pray. This is one of the most basic things and yet we often neglect this.

Reveal your struggle to a trusted friend. Some of sin’s power is the secrecy. That's why the Bible says we are to confess our sins to one another that we might be healed.

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