Saturday, July 26, 2008

Vacation - Sandusky, OH

We've just returned from 5 days in Sandusky, OH. It was a wonderful adventure for our family as we visited three locations: Soak City, Cedar Point and Castaway Bay. We had a blast at each park and they all had their own unique flavor.

On Tuesday we spent the day at Soak City. It's a water park that overlooks Lake Erie. Amazing! The kids loved it and there was something for all of us from a toddler area to the lazy river to the family slide that scared us all. We thought sure Jenna was going to get thrown out of the raft! Thankfully she didn't but don't expect to see her on that ride again anytime soon. Not fun for her! That night we returned to the Breakers Express hotel exhausted, burnt and hungry but those were all good for it meant we'd given ourselves fully to the experience.

Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world as far as I'm concerned. On Wednesday we made our way there. We're not that adventuresome but we thoroughly enjoyed watching people risk life and limb by riding at speeds that topped 100 mph and defied the laws of gravity.

We did enjoy Planet Snoopy, Camp Snoopy and the Kiddy Kingdom. As far as family rides go, the Sky Ride, Giant Wheel and the Train were about as thrilling as we could stomach. Our kids loved meeting the Peanuts gang in costume and it provided hours of entertainment as we journeyed from kids ride to kids ride without having to wait too long.

I think the most unbelievable aspect to the whole day there was the cool weather. God was blessing me as it was at times even cold. PTL! At one point it did not only rain but actually hailed on us. After a return trip to the hotel to dry off, change clothes and get geared up again we were back in the saddle and off to the races. We finished up that day with a lights/fireworks display that was truly amazing.

Thursday was a slower day as we spent it at Castaway Bay - an indoor water park. It was nice to relax and read while the kids played in their respective areas. We had a lot of fun in the wave pool and Amie and I had the chance to take in all of the slides and even a tube ride together.

Some of our memorable meals were pizza, burgers, pasta, salmon, chicken fried steak, pancakes/french toast/eggs/bacon, donuts/muffins, chocolate milk and ice cream. Can anyone say, "It's time for the diet to begin?!"

It was wonderful to have all of the time to relax and detach myself from technology and the demands of ministry. I'm off again next week so I'm still very much in vacation mode. I did want to journal a bit about our experience before I forget some of the details. I hope you have a great summer vacation too!

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