Thursday, May 15, 2008


I just finished a book by my friend Scotty Gibbons entitled, "Carry On". It's a quick read about leadership with an emphasis on Student Ministries, Youth Pastors and Volunteer Leaders. I found it to be refreshing and exceptionally entertaining. I highly recommend it not only for youth pastors but also for lead pastors so they can fully appreciate what their staff members face. I think it would help both to work better together and assist in fostering open communication. Thanks Scotty for sharing your life, stories and insights with us all. I respect you for 15 years of student ministry experience - in the same church! Wow! What a legacy!

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KS said...

David, after the events of Sunday, you should now have some idea of the legacy you are building here at Riverside Community Church. Because of people like you, more people are coming to Christ and more Christians are living out their lives in a more Christ-like way. Thanks for all you do.