Friday, April 18, 2008

1st Post - Vacation!

Hi Everyone! I've been thinking about getting into this whole blogging arena for a while now and so this afternoon I've had some free time while we're on vacation so I've been working on getting it up and running. I'm not sure I'm the type of person who will blog often but we'll see. It will be a nice way to keep my random thoughts in a collected place.

I hope to be able to share with you my life and family as we journey through this life together. In addition, I'd love to pass on to you great ideas, resources and quotes from what I'm reading, hearing and reflecting on in my personal devotions.

Right now I'm sitting in Nixa, MO. It's day five of our vacation. It's been wonderful to sit back and relax and get away from the pace of the normal schedule! We've done a lot of "nothing" - just resting, eating, taking walks, reading and watching movies. In between all of this we've been to Incredible Pizza, went shopping, horseback riding, to the park, and to the go-carts. Below are just a few pics ...

So that's it for my first entry. Where are you going for vacation this year?

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